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Related article: Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 07:41:40 -0700 From: SEAN HAMILTON Subject: Adventures of a Bisexual Lifeguard Part IIDisclaimer: This is 100% pure fantasy. Incest and underage sex is illegal and will get you into much trouble. This story, and others like it, are for the enjoyment of adults only. Children should not be reading or exposed to this story. If you're an adult, interested in kinky, perverted stories, read on. Unzip, undue, pull `him' out or open `her' up and enjoy.Chapter 2In the afterglow of our lovemaking, Amy and I lay in bed talking: "So what's next for you and your `boy toys'? Amy asked while playing with my chest hair. Her head on my chest. My hand resting on her naked hip."I'm not sure. I'm going to let it take its course. What do you think I should do?" I responded looking up at the ceiling. Wondering what would happen next."I think you should bring the boys over here tomorrow after school and let me have a go. You know how much I like having lots of hard cocks around me." Amy said deliciously.I told Amy I'd see the boys at practice in the morning and see how things went. I promised to call her at work and let her know their reaction.After pizza and a couple of beers, Amy and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours before her in order to get to practice first. I arrived at the pool around 6:30 in the morning and opened up the pool for the 7 AM practice. The kids arrived as usual and practice went as planned. It's a neighborhood team so the pace isn't that demanding but the kids are competitive and I worked them pretty hard. We have a meet coming up over the weekend and I want them ready.Jared and Ian were, thankfully, at practice and participated and behaved as if nothing had happened. Anxious to talk to them, I went up to Jared and asked him to stay after practice. His knowing smile told me I had nothing to be concerned about.After practice I pick up all the pull buoy's, kickboards, and other equipment and get the pool ready to open for the day. Unlike yesterday, I wouldn't be off work until the late afternoon. If the boys and I were going to fool around, we'd have to wait. I run the pool during the day and around 4 PM I turn it over to my assistant manager and lifeguard, Tom. He's a high school student and local athlete. We get along OK but he's somewhat loose on paperwork and a bit too `chummy' with the local kids and let's a lot of violations go. It's not that I'm strict it's just that I take my responsibility seriously and don't want the pool to be unsafe. Tom is a good lifeguard but not `great'.Anyway, after the usual opening preparation, I went in search of the boys. I found them in the pool office, Jared was furiously sucking Ian's cocklet while stroking his own boycock which was fully erect. I immediately grew erect at the sight of the two brothers playing with each other."Hi, I guess it's dumb to ask what's going on?" I said looking Preteen Toplist Xxx down at them. Jared's Speedo's were around his ankles and he was sitting on my chair. Ian, on his knees, had his Speedo's pulled down about mid thigh and was resting his knees on a towel folded over to pad him. Ian pulled himself off his brother's throbbing erection and looked up at me. A smile on his face, his lips glistening with spit from suck his brother's cock."Just having a little fun." Ian said still stroking his brother's and his cock. "Care to join in?" He asked naughtily."Yeah Sean, play with us. We miss your big cock." Ian said smiling at me."I've got to open the pool and work all day. Can we play later?" I said wanting to jump in and suck them both off right there."Oh man! We want to play now." Ian whined."Look boys, you two can finish up here while I get ready to open. You need to be quick about it, folks will start to come in around 9 AM. OK?" I said."Can we play after you get done here?" Jared asked still holding his own cock. Ian was now playing with his own cock."Sure but I get off at four. What time do you have to be home for dinner? I don't need any trouble with your Mom." I said.The two boys looked at each other knowingly. "Our Mom isn't going to be a problem." Should be meet you at your house, around four?" Ian asked.Curious what had gone unspoken, I agreed.With that I left the two horny brothers to their oral fun and finished getting the pool ready.The boys left a few minutes later. They waved through the fence as they road off on their bikes. I'm sure they both came.The day progressed as normal. I was able to watch the pool without going to the chair for a few hours until the big crowds arrived. It was about noon, I was up in the chair, when I heard my name called out by a women's voice. I looked down to see a women in her mid to late 30's, looking up at me. She was dressed in conservative business attire. A white blouse opened just below her neck and a knee length skirt, fashionable shoes and conservative jewelry.`Sean, my name is Lisa and I'm Jared and Ian's mother. Could we talk?" She said smiling a delightful smile showing a row of perfectly white, perfectly straight, teeth."I was about to take my lunch break. We can talk at the park. OK?" I replied trying not to look or sound too nervous.She agreed and after I got the other lifeguard to take the chair, I grabbed my lunch from the office fridge and walked across the parking lot to where Lisa sat on a bench. Her lunch was a small sandwich from a local deli and a bottle of water."Before I begin I want you to know that the boys told me everything and I do mean everything about what happened yesterday." Lisa began looking me straight in the eyes. "We have a `different' lifestyle which you may not be able to accept or understand. In fact I can't believe it myself but if you're able to keep an open mind, I'd like to explain a few things.""I'm very open minded Ma'am. If you know what happened yesterday, then you know that's true." I said meeting her eyes."Please call me Lisa. And, understand that I'm very much aware of what horny boys are capable of. I know you're a horny college boy but there is more to this. OK?" She replied, a slight smile crept across her face. Her eyes sparkled. She was, I decided, extremely attractive.My nod to her gave her the go ahead to continue."I'm sure you're a bit surprised by the sexual aggressiveness of my sons. Jared told me that Ian almost spilled the beans yesterday. I'm glad he didn't because it gives me the opportunity to explain things. I guess try and justify them if you will." She continued."I lost my husband 2-years ago. He died of a sudden heart attack. I guess it runs in his family and he thought he was invincible. Anyway we had a normal marriage. Nothing untoward at all..."With that Lisa began to explain how after her husband died the boys became very close and withdrawn. They clung together (Not in any sexual way) and became very introverted. She went on to describe how coming home from work early one day she found the boys having sex. She avoided graphic detail but I could guess that it was oral. She freaked out at first, what mother wouldn't? Then she found herself not only aroused but curious as to if the boys were gay or just horny.Lisa described weeks of anxious deliberation on her part before she decided to confront the boys. Her tale continues..."It was a rainy Friday night when I decided to confront the boys and see if they were gay. I came home from work (I own my real estate franchise so I'm the boss) and cooked the boys a normal dinner. After dinner I put on a movie and took a long bath. I dressed in nothing but a robe and waited for the boys to finish their movie. Once the movie was over, I called the boys into the den. I had them sit on the couch while I sat across from them. I told the boys I'd seen them having sex and wanted to know it was OK with me. I don't know why, I was not in favor of incest but frankly I didn't view it that way. I mean intellectually I know it's incest but being horny boys, I didn't view it the same way as a fat old man molesting his infant daughter. I know that's a blatant justification but there it is."Lisa's very arousing narrative continued..."The boys responded by saying they weren't sure what I meant by `gay' so I told them they would only like boys and did find girls attractive. Jared said that he liked girls and had a girl friend of sorts at school. Ian is at an age were girls his own age are `icky' so I chalked it up to that. Anyway, I asked the boys if they looked at naked girls or movies on TV (I saw on my cable bill the boys had purchased a pay per view adult film). Jared said he did and seemed ashamed. Both boys were very nervous. I put them at ease by saying I had no issue with them fooling around. I told them it was normal to experiment and that it was normal to be curious about girls and their bodies. It was then that I put my plan into action."Lisa went on to describe how she stripped for the boys and let them `examine' her body. She opened her legs and let them touch her pussy and breasts. Of course the boys became very excited and one thing led to another. Lisa described their first sexual encounter as a confused jumble of erect boycocks, legs, arms, bodies, sweat and cum (Jared's of course). Lisa told me she reached orgasm numerous times not necessarily from either son's skill as a lover but from the sheer arousal of something so taboo and kinky. She described masturbating while watching the boys pleasure each other.Lisa then described how their family life changed after that fateful night. Not a nudist by nature, she allowed the boys to run about nude around the house and she bought the house in this development because their lot afforded them a lot of privacy. She controlled sexual activity between herself and the boys but their insatiable appetite for sex meant they were often to be found with each other. She said that thanks to her bringing it up, the boys began having anal sex recently.I was amazed at how open Lisa was about herself and the situation with the boys."Why did you tell me all this?" I asked. She'd gone non-stop for 20-minutes.I'll be blunt." Preteen Toplist Xxx She replied looking directly at me. "I can be totally honest with you because you were sexual with my two, underage boys. If you went public with I told you, I could easily deny it. You, on the other hand, would have two boys accusing you of molesting and their indignant mother who is a successful real estate agent and pillar of the community. Do we understand each other?"I smiled right back at her, meeting her eyes: "Of course I understand. "I didn't mean to be confrontational, instead I'd like to know where this is going?" I continued."Did my tale turn you on? Are you hard?" She asked very quietly.Looking at her right in the eye I immediately answered: "As a rock.""I can't wait to see it." Lisa said smiling. "The boys say you're huge.""I'm `above average', the boys are young too. What happens next?" I Preteen Toplist Xxx said wanting to bring the conversation back to my question."I'm not totally sure. The boys are quite smitten over you and I'd like to sleep with you to. The boys say you live with your girlfriend. You're bi aren't you?" Lisa asked."Yes, I'm bi. I'd like to be with you too. Would I be with the boys again too?" I replied."Yes, they will expect it. I'd like to watch and join in if the vibe is right." Lisa countered."In that case, I'm very game. When?" I asked trying not to sound too anxious.My enthusiasm, however, was transparent to Lisa. "Soon enough lover boy. How `bout tomorrow night?""Sure. Sounds good to me. What should I do?" I replied all pretense of playing it cool gone.Smiling, Lisa replied: "The boys will tell you after practice. I run my own schedule. Can you break away tomorrow during the day?""Sure, I can take off all day or just a few hours." I said knowing I could do so without any trouble."Great, it's a date. By the way, does your girlfriend know you being bi?" Lisa asked."She sure does. She and I have a live-in boy friend back on campus. She's bi too. Are you?" I asked silently hoping that Lisa was bi and I'd soon be watching the two go at it."I've been with a couple of women in my day. I'd love to meet her. Maybe tomorrow; however, we should keep it the four of us. OK?" Lisa said."Sure, she's at work in the morning anyway." I answered.Our little `meeting' broke up after that. My cock was still hard and when I stood, the tell tale bulge in my lifeguard suit was very noticeable. Lisa commented on the apparent size and we shook hands.The rest of Preteen Toplist Xxx the day went by excruciatingly slow. I kept myself as busy as I could but let's be honest; there isn't much to do as a lifeguard. It's an easy job as long Preteen Toplist Xxx as no one drowns.That night, Amy and I made passionate love for a couple of hours on the news I gave her. She was VERY aroused by the idea and we discussed her joining us but we gave up on the idea based on what Lisa had said. Amy was willing to let it go and made me promise to give her all the details upon my return.Despite our heavy love making, I slept fitfully that night and woke an hour earlier than normal. I went to the pool and, feeling very naughty and sexy, wore a speed and a t-shirt to practice (openly to demonstrate a technique but also to show off a bit for Ian and Jared). Feeling very horny in a Speedo is always risky but I kept my cool and didn't have any `accidental' erections.Practice was uneventful and the team thinned out and headed out as normal. Jared and Ian, however, stayed behind and helped me clean up. During the clean up, with pool area deserted save for us 3, we began a bit of playful banter. The boys, still in their Speedos, began exposing their limp cocks to me. This caused me to grow erect, my 10" cock uncontained by my skimpy suit. The boys giggled uncontrollably at the site of my giant cock sticking out above my suite. Concerned that I'd be seen in this state, I had the boys follow me into the office area (Where I could see what was coming...so to speak). The boys, both erect by now, were quick to catch on and Jared spoke up:"Mom asked us not to fool around. She wants you to be full of cum and ready." Ian said in his little boy manner.I couldn't help but smile. Ian's comments, however, did nothing to ease my arousal. Instead I put on shorts and a t-shirt and followed the boys out of the pool and on to their house.The boys rode with me in my car and we went to a somewhat different section of the neighborhood. The boy's house was in a much nicer area and sat on a huge lot. The home wasn't much bigger than Amy's family home but the lot was much bigger and filled with trees. I'd later discover that the lot backed up to a county park which gave them a lot of privacy.When we entered the house, we were met by Lisa who, unlike her totally business attire the day before, was dressed in a short (just above the knee) summer dress. Her hair was worn down and her feet shod in a pair of casual sandals. She was smiling knowingly.Both boys, still wearing their Speedo's were both obviously erect. Ian ran ahead excitedly. "Mom, Sean's here to `play' can I show him our room?" He said in a typical little boy manner."Just a second honey." Lisa replied. "Welcome Sea , can I get you anything?""Nope, I'm good." I replied trying to act cool glad that my erection had died down on the drive over."Ian, you can take Sean to see your room." Lisa said in a motherly tone that belied what was to `cum'.Ian ran ahead of me to the room he shared with Jared. The house had 5 bedrooms but the boys were so close that they shared a room. The room was huge (designed no doubt as a second master bedroom) with its own bathroom and a large walk-in closet. French doors lead to a balcony which overlooked a tree filled and huge backyard. A modern plays cape and trampoline were visible as was a large pool. From this second story vantage point I could tell the back yard was totally private.Ian, his erection having subsided, proudly showed me his collection of video games and toys (cars, action figures, trains, etc...). The room as pleasantly messy, the walls adorned with posters of superheroes and sports stars. Clothes were strung across the floor and an empty pizza box sat next to their computer desk which contained a large 28" monitor and a new computer. They only indications you could discern of any out of the ordinary was a huge king size bed in the middle of the room and a bottle of KY lube sitting on the bed side table. I wondered if the boys ever had friends over to play if so how the big bed was explained.My reverie was interrupted by Ian calling out to me to watch him play some sort of video game (Personally I don't get into video games and am clueless about them). He was seated, now naked, in a stuffed easy chair in front of a large HD flat screen."Where is your suit?" I asked concerned about taking things too fast."Mom says it's OK to go naked and I hate wearing clothes." He replied."It's OK Sean, I let them go naked." Lisa said walking into the room. "Ian, why don't you switch off your game and come downstairs. I've got a light snack for you all."The 3 of us walked downstairs to find an equally naked Jared munching away on a sandwich, a glass of milk beside him. "Sean I've got some fresh ice tea is that OK?" Lisa asked.I agreed to the tea and we ate our snack quickly. During which Lisa asked us if we'd like to use the pool. It was already 85o at 10 AM in the Atlanta area and humidity hung in the air. The boys agreed and after throwing down their sandwiches they ran to the pool their limp cocks flapping as they ran."Sean, you can get naked if you want...I'm going to." Lisa said pulling off her sundress to reveal she was totally naked underneath. Lisa had an amazing body. Toned, tall all over, with magnificent breasts and a trimmed pubic patch.I pulled off my clothes and stood before her totally hard and naked. The boys hung off the pool wall, watching with smiles on their face. Ian called out: "Well Mom, what do you think isn't it huge?"Looking directly at my throbbing erection, Lisa answered quietly, "Yes, it's huge all right. I can't help but wonder how you got it all in your mouth?"I then joined the boys and Lisa in the pool but our swimming was short lived. Our mutual arousal soon got the better of us and Lisa and I began kissing passionately. Lisa apparently couldn't wait to grasp my penis and did so under the water as we kissed. I was feeling overwhelmed with lust. Lisa broke our embrace and breathlessly suggested we go into the house.The 4 of us quickly toweled off and almost ran into the house where went into Lisa's master suite. The boys and I were all fully erect. Lisa took charge by lying me on the bed and taking my cock into her mouth. The boys, aroused and hungry for sex, watched as their mother fellated me. Lisa pulled off my cock and looked at me, saliva still on her luscious lips. "I need to have that cock in me now!" She then straddled me and guided me into her. I'd been with a few women in life and had NEVER seen a women so wet. My cock slid into her easily and she began to ride up/down on my shaft grinding herself against my pelvis. Sooner than I thought possible, Lisa began shuddering to a massive orgasm.Panting hard Preteen Toplist Xxx and covered in sweat, Lisa pulled off me just as I was on the verge of my own orgasm. I instinctively grabbed my cock and began masturbating myself. Preteen Toplist Xxx Instead, Jared reached over and grabbed my shaft and began jerking me. "Mom! You've got to see how much Sean can shoot!"I'm sure Lisa would be less Preteen Toplist Xxx impressed than Jared. The volume and distance of the male orgasm seems only of interest to men. Women likely view it as either enough to make a baby or how much is going to leak out onto their panties in the days that follow.Jared's firm grip on my cock was more than enough to push me over the edge. My breathing quickened and my hips bucked as the first shot popped out of my cock head. The first load hit me square on the forehead! Subsequent drops landed on my chest and stomach with the final amount of cum running down Jared's hand.As I came down from own orgasm, I aggressively pulled Jared to me and I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him. Meanwhile, Ian pulled himself up to Lisa and, in a nice way, pushed his boy cock into his Mom's mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, Jared tensed up and spewed forth a healthy load of boycum.Ian followed his brother moments later having an intense dry orgasm of his own. The 3 of us boys, cocks finally limp lay panting and covered with sweat. Lisa, however, was still raring to go and began to pump my limp cock in her hand."Let's get you hard again Sean I'd like you to fuck me again." Lisa said smiling."Can Sean fuck me?" Ian asked.Lisa looked at me and said: "Ian's a real bottom. He loves it in the ass. I'm always catching him with one of my toys up his ass or Jared in him.""So what? I like it when there's something back there. So, can he, Mom, please!""I think I'm too big for you buddy." I replied honestly thinking that."I think I can take it." Ian pleaded. "I've put some big things up there.""Yeah mom, I saw Ian put a whole carrot in his bottom the other day. When we were fooling around." Jared added defensively."Boys, Sean's cock is much thicker than any carrot I've ever seen. Plus what were you boys doing playing with carrots. I swear you two are insatiable!" Lisa stated in a definitely motherly tone."I agree with your Mom boys. I'd like to try but I could really hurt you Ian. Tear things down there, blood. You don't want that do you?" I said in a friendly way to Ian."Aw shucks!" Ian said as if he'd been told he couldn't have a new toy.During this discussion, Lisa continued to stroke my cock while idly rubbing her own pussy. Both boys were slowing masturbating themselves. Sooner than you might think, all three of us regained our erections.In the following hour, Jared fucked his brother and I fuck Lisa again. She rode on top again and I fucked her from behind. Our stamina improved having cum already so we all fucked for a while. Jared and Ian both got to fuck me while Lisa watched in rapt attention masturbating herself to one of many orgasms. The highlight of this session was both Jared and I fucking Lisa. Lisa rode on top of me while Jared put his 6" boy cock into his Mom's ass. Also both boys fucked Lisa.Lisa finally called it quits around noon saying her pussy was simply too sore to continue. The 3 of us guys all jerked off kneeling over her while she masturbated and both Jared and I shot pretty good size loads on to her stomach and breasts.I was, all things considered, the hottest sex session I'd ever had.In the afterglow of our second session, the 3 of us boys feel asleep. I awoke around 2 PM to find both boys already up. I wasn't sure about dressing so I threw on Preteen Toplist Xxx my shorts and walked to the boy's room to find Ian playing some game on his Play Station and Jared reading a book. Both boys were, of course, naked. They boycocks hanging limp as was my own."Mom's got some lunch downstairs if you're hungry." Jared said looking up from his book and smiling."Now that you mention it, I am hungry." I said."You can get naked if you want." Ian said"Is your Mom still naked?" I asked."She should be. She usually gets naked unless she's got her period." Jared replied.With that I walked downstairs and found a fully nude Lisa, her legs curled up under her, eating grapes from a tuperware bowl and watching TV."Hi, are you hungry?" She asked."I could eat something. I'll get it." I replied."Don't be silly. By the time you found everything I could make it." Lisa replied getting up.Lisa walked into the kitchen and while she was preparing me lunch, we talked."Did you have fun?" Lisa asked."Sure did! It was a lot of fun. Did you enjoy it?" I asked in the same way every male does. We all crave validation as good lovers and I'm no different."Of course. You've got an amazing cock and you're a very good lover. Your girlfriend is a lucky women." Lisa said nicely."She's pretty good herself. How would you like to meet her?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.Seeing right through my charade, Lisa smiled: "I'd love to `meet' her as soon as I could. I've been thinking about her since our chat yesterday. What's she like?" Lisa asked."Amy is 19 years old. She's about 5'6" and weighs around 115 pounds. She's got dirty blonde hair and I think she's around a 34B cup. She swims with me in college." I answered."She sounds lovely. Does she shave down there?" She asked.Smiling, I replied: "She keeps it trimmed but not totally. Do you Preteen Toplist Xxx like a girl shaved?" I wondered not thinking that women cared about that sort of thing."Well once you shave you have to keep it that way or it gets really itchy. I've not been with a women in years but in my fantasies I think about that." Lisa said showing a slight sign of being embarrassed."I could call her and ask her to come over. Do you have anything to do today?" I asked."Nope, I took the whole day off to give me time with you and to have a 3-day weekend. Do you think she'd do it?" Lisa said sounding a bit like Ian in her excitement."Sure. Amy is very sexual and very bi. She got totally turned on last night when we talked." I answered."You two had sex last night?" Lisa asked."Sure did. We fucked all night." I said questioningly."It's just that you shot so much cum I thought maybe you'd abstained. Do you always produce so much? I don't remember my husband making so much." Lisa said."I've never thought about it too much. My male partners have said they think it's a lot but frankly I never gave it much thought." I answered honestly."It's no big deal it just seems like a Preteen Toplist Xxx lot. Maybe it's because you're so big." Lisa said looking down at my limp cock. `Yours is the biggest I've ever seen or had in me. I could defiantly tell the difference." Lisa said smiling."I hope it was Preteen Toplist Xxx a good difference." I said smiling back at her."It was indeed." She replied.I ate my sandwich and then called Amy at work. We spoke in `code' but she got the message and called me back in 10-minutes to say that she'd called her manager and said she wasn't feeling well and needed to go home. Her manager told her she'd come in to cover her shift and Amy would be there in an hour.Lisa was very excited and we both walked upstairs to let the boys know. The boys got very excited. Ian was still playing his video game and Jared was on the Internet. I notice, although Lisa didn't say anything, he was an adult website. Jared was hard and was playing with himself. It was if it was the most natural thing in the world and I found myself getting stiff as well.Noticing my erection, Lisa said: "Let's save this for Amy. OK? I'm going to take a shower and freshen up. What do you think we should do when Amy get's here? Should we be naked or should we put something on. I think I'd like to be wearing something. I'm not a total nudist like the boys are."It was cute, Lisa was nervous and concerned about making a good impression on Amy. Little did she know that Amy would like masturbate to an orgasm on her way over and would be panty less and dripping wet by the time she got here.(Amy rarely wore panties and always wore a skirt or dress to work. She told me that she liked going without panties and liked to masturbate at her desk. She could view the whole store, sit behind her desk blocked from prying eyes and play with herself all day. She told me her record for a six hour shift at the store was 8 orgasms!)"I don't think we need to anything special. I think we should put on like shorts. I think we'll be having sex quite soon after she arrives. Perhaps the boys and I could put on Speedos and you could wear a swim suit?" I answered really not knowing what to do."I'll think of something." Lisa replied.I stayed in the boys room and let Ian teach me how to play his video game. It was an incongruous site: A grown man (OK college boy but indulge me) and a 10-year old boy, both naked sitting on a couch playing video games. Ian was a patient teacher which contradicted his eagerness in matters of swimming and sex (which is the only way I know him). Jared meanwhile continued on the net. He was idly stroking his cock and seemed to be enthralled in whatever he was looking at."Jare does that all time Sean." Ian said noticing my glances to his brother.I stole another glance at Jared and found that he was going at himself with more vigor. I watched him for just a few minutes more (During which Ian destroyed my space cruiser!) and was greeted with the erotic sight of Jared's boycum shooting out his cock."Jare, Mom said we should we save it for Sean's wife." Ian said accusingly."Amy is my girlfriend not my wife Ian." I said protecting my bachelorhood."I couldn't help it. I needed to cum." Jared said defensively as he cleaned up his load with a handy Kleenex.Lisa walked into the boy's room a few minutes later. She was dressed in the same summer dress she wore that morning. Based on the way her ample bosom moved under the light fabric, I was certain she wasn't wearing anything underneath."I've thought about this, why don't you guys go for a swim while Amy and I get to know each other?" Lisa said."Sure, come on guys, let's hit the pool!" I said understanding Lisa's nervousness and reluctance to have the upcoming sexual `event' just begin."Do we gotta put on a suit?" Ian said."No, you boys can stay naked. Just give Amy and I sometime alone. OK?" She replied.With that the 3 of us went to the pool and began to swim and rough house. Nothing sexual or untoward, just a harmless game of naked water basketball!Meanwhile inside, Amy arrived and was dressed in a conservative but fashionable dress. The dress was knee length and showed a modest amount of cleavage. She wore fashionable pumps and had her hair pulled back. She looked every bit the role of an assistant manger of mall women's clothing store!Lisa greeted her and asked if she would something to drink. Given it was 4 O'clock in the afternoon, both women had a glass of white wine and sat in the living room where Lisa had prepared a small snack of Brie, green apple slices, grapes, and a light cracker. Very chic!From the living room the pool area could be seen."Are those your boy's?" Amy asked."Yes, that's Jared the oldest, at the hoop and Ian is guarding your Sean." Lisa replied."They're nice looking boys." Amy said. Ian hoped out of the pool, stark naked with his small boycock flapping limply as he recovered the errant basketball. Both women smiled at his juvenile nudity."How much of our `situation' has Sean explained to you?" Lisa asked with obvious nervousness."Sean told me everything last night. I must say I find the situation very erotic. I was intimate with my brother's growing up. I have a brother who is 3 years older and another brother a year younger. We were very intimate during my pre-teen and early teenage years. I know they say that incest is wrong but frankly it taught me a lot about sex and about boys. We stopped doing stuff years ago but I have nothing but fond memories." Amy said leaning forward. Her leaning forward managed to expose a bit of her restrained bosom. Amy couldn't help but notice Lisa's admiring gaze."I'm so relieved to hear you say that. I've been so nervous that you'd find me a perverted old woman." Lisa said with obvious relief."Not at all. I admit most people wouldn't agree with our choices but I don't care. I find very exciting. Plus, you don't look old to me. In fact you're very beautiful" Amy said smiling broadly."I'm so glad you said that." Lisa replied. "Would you like some more wine?"Inside Lisa poured more wine. Outside it was my turn to fetch another errant basketball. Although my cock was limp, I was determined to show off for the ladies inside. I made sure that my `front' was exposed to them as I hopped out of the pool and retrieved the ball."Sean's got a huge cock." Lisa said. "You're a lucky young lady.""Sean's cock is only part of it. He's a very good lover. A lot of guys with his cock would expect women to fall to their knees in adoration. Instead he's a caring and patient lover. I hope you agree?" Amy said looking Lisa right in the eye."Oh I agree." Lisa said sitting back in her chair. "I'm afraid this conversation has me a bit flushed.""Me too." Amy said.Amy, taking matters into her own hands, leaned forward and without warning kissed Lisa full on the lips. Lisa responded hungrily. Their tentative first kiss turned sexy in moments and Lisa opened her mouth to Amy's tongue and they began to French kiss. Amy's wandering hand soon found Lisa's thigh. Her hand traveled up Lisa's leg to her hip. Finding no panties, Amy broke their embrace."Have you ever been with a woman before?" Amy asked."I experimented in college with my roommate. I think about it all the time. It's my favorite fantasy." Lisa replied breathing heavily."I thought so. No panties I see." Amy said smiling."Sean said you rarely any yourself." Lisa replied quickly. "See for yourself." Amy said. She then pulled back and slowly opened her legs exposing her naked vagina. Obvious moisture glistened in the sunlight. "Well?" Amy said putting a finger on her engorged clitoris."It's beautiful." Lisa said staring directly at Amy's wet pussy."Let's see yours." Amy said.Lisa obligingly lifted her dress and opened her deeply tanned legs to expose her nicely trimmed and equally moist pussy."You're beautiful. Do you mind?" Amy said getting to her knees and gently opening Lisa's legs to get at her pussy. Amy began to tease Lisa's pussy slowly licking her pussy from top to bottom avoiding her stiff clit. Lisa moaned in delight and involuntarily bucked her hips. Amy, more experienced at eating pussy than her older partner, took Lisa's engorged clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Lisa, unused to expert oral ministrations and highly aroused, soon felt the familiar, yet intense, pangs of a pending orgasm. After just a few minutes of oral stimulation, Lisa was crying out in an intense orgasm."Wow! That is really cool!" Ian exclaimed at the sight.The three of us, wondering where the girls where, had dried off and walked into the house to find the lesbian exchange in full form. The three of us quickly grew erect at the erotic sight and without thinking we each stroking our hard cocks."I'm glad you liked it." Amy said looking up from Lisa's open legs. Lisa's girl juices glistening on her lips. "I'm Amy.""I'm Ian." The ever precocious 10-year old said fondling his diminutive cocklet."I'm Jared." Jared answered slowly. Unlike his more outgoing younger brother, Jared is more reserved evidenced by the hand which covered up his raging 6" erection.In the minutes that followed our introductions, the 5 of us moved to Lisa's room and a full blow orgy ensued. Ian and Jared got to fuck Amy as did I. Jared and I blowing our wads in her. Ian had a dry orgasm too. After we guys came, we briefly lost our erections which facilitated the girls giving Ian and Jared a living demonstration of lesbian sex. Both women licked each other's pussy and caressed each other in a highly charged encounter which left the 3 of us guys, fully erect and highly aroused (Watching two women have sex is 100% better than Viagra!).After the two women came down off multiple orgasms, we engaged in another round of sex this time it was the girls turn to watch as both boys fucked me hard in the ass.I took Ian first. I lay on my back, legs pulled up and pushed back. Ian positioned himself between my legs and pushed his lubed cocklet into my waiting anus. He fucked me hard and slow, taking his time (I'd lost count of how many orgasms he'd had that day). As he fucked me, Lisa and Amy watched intently obviously aroused by the hot gay sex as we were with their lesbian display. Jared was watching too and moved towards my face pushing his throbbing cock into my mouth. While Ian fucked me, I sucked Jared's cock. Despite how many times each boy had cum already, Ian was soon shuddering to an intense boy orgasm (It's truly amazing how many times a young boy can cum!) and Jared soon filled my mouth with his tangy boy cum. As this transpired, Jared had grasped my cock and was jerking me off. I didn't feel a pending orgasm and knew it would take me longer to recover than either boy.Lisa then spoke: "Ian, would you let Sean cum on your face?""Sure! That's really nasty!" Ian replied excitedly.Not sure I could comply, I had Ian lay down and I moved to my knees and kneeled beside him and jerked my cock. Ian pulled on his stiff boycock (I really don't think he ever lost his erection that whole session!) while I pulled on my throbbing 10" cock. As they watched, Lisa and Amy played with each other's pussy and stared in rapt fascination.Watching the girls masturbate each other was enough to push me over the edge and I blew a sizeable load of hot, sticky man cum all over Ian's angelic 10-year old smiling face.Things wrapped up at that point. Everyone's libido (including Ian's) seemed to wane a bit and everyone was sore and tired. Both boys had fucked me raw and I imagine both Amy and Lisa were sore down there too (Both their pussies and asses).The boys and I feel asleep for a couple hours. I awoke around 8 PM to find the summer Preteen Toplist Xxx sinking in the sky. I left Ian and Jared sleeping soundly and made my way to the bathroom after which I went down stairs to find Amy and Lisa I the hot tub. Still naked each nursing a glass of wine I eased my way into the tub and groaned in pleasure as the hot water caressed my body."How are you feeling?" Amy asked snuggling up to me."I'm sore and tired but otherwise fine. How are you?" I asked."Worn out!" Amy said laughing. "All my holes are sore.""Me too!" said Lisa smiling. "I've never fucked like that before. The boys do wear me out on occasion but nothing like this. I feel like I've ridden a horse all day.""Same here." Amy said. "I'm leaking cum everywhere."We three sat for a few minutes then dined on take out pizza (I put on my shorts to answer the door). The smell Preteen Toplist Xxx of delivery pizza was enough to rise the groggy boys who ate, kissed us all good night and then returned to their room to pass out again.After the boys went to bed, Amy and I dressed and prepared to leave."What happens next?" Amy asked."What do want to happen?" Lisa replied still naked."I assume we'd all like to do this again sometime and I'd like to see you again one on one." Amy said seductively.We talked for a few minutes and agreed that we'd get together over the weekend at their place. I asked I could be with the boys before then. The girls smiled devilishly and of course Lisa agreed. She said she'd be glad to have me `watch' in the afternoons before she got home from work and that plan fit into my work schedule very well.We traded passionate kisses with Lisa and the boys and we parted company. Sore, filled with cum and looking forward to our next encounter.End Chapter 2Comments: sean152hotmail.comThank you. 1
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